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Is writing and storing an online version the end of Will writing?

Yes and No... When major events or life changes, it is always a good practise to update your Will and also your entire Estate Plan.

Here we highlight the common events and life changes that can prompt you to think about updating your Estate Plan.

Have you ever pondered before the differences between Estate Plan and a Will?
Are they the same and can I have one and not the other? or perhaps must they co-exist?

Here we explain what they are and the importance of storing your Will online.


In this video, we bring you awareness to how debts are handled after passing. More often than not, a lot of us forget about our debts when we draft our will.


What's more, we do not cater for debt repayment because we think that the sole purpose of having a Will is to deal with how assets are to be distributed.


Look out for our recommendations on how to prevent debts from robbing your assets.

Most of you only wonder how to write their Will and in this video, we respond to this question. Having said that, having a Will is not enough.


Equally important is to store your Will, to ensure that it will be found in a timely manner.


liteWill is the only global platform which offers the solution to store your Will online. ‘A Will that is not online is like a Will that does not exist’.


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In this video, we show you why you should store your Will in liteWill.


liteWill is the only Will registration platform that is available globally and that provides the option to store your Will online. ‘A Will that is not online is like a Will that does not exist’.


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In the digital age, the next step is to store your Will online. Otherwise, what happens if your person of confidence is not able to find your Will in a timely manner?


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Anonymity and discretion are hot commodities. And all of a sudden, this has become much more challenging with the persistent pandemic. Understand better how the pandemic is affecting your estate planning.