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liteWill takes inventory of all you own and creates a will for you in 15 minutes.

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Living Will

With liteWill you can create written legal instructions that clearly state your healthcare preferences, and also instructs healthcare providers on what actions to take in the event that you can't speak for yourself due to an illness.

Digital Asset Will

We provide you with a secure location for your passcodes, and you can assign your digital assets to your preferred beneficiaries so your family knows exactly what to do with your digital assets after your passing.

Durable Power of Attorney

You can also state your wishes in a legal document appointing a trusted person who will take financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf if you are unable to or in you become incapacitated.

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  • It doesn’t have to be a complex process with a lot of legal fees anymore.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A last will and testament (commonly called a will) is a legal document that specifies your wishes clearly in the event of your demise. This document covers how your assets and properties should be distributed, your funeral wishes, and any last messages for friends and family. .

Creating a will is important for all adults, regardless of wealth, marital status, or age. A will allows you to ensure that your loved ones are catered for if you are no longer around. Your will also gives you (and not the government) the power to decide what happens to your assets after you pass and avoids putting your family and friends through the stress of lengthy probate proceedings.

Without a will, your estate will be distributed according to the inheritance laws of the last country or state you resided in or where your property is located. This is called “dying intestate. Without a will, your estate might be distributed differently from your wishes and desires. In some cases, your assets may even be passed unto the state, leaving your dependents uncared for.

liteWill provides a simple, intuitive way of creating and managing your will. With liteWill, you can create your will in seconds. You can create and manage your will anytime and from any location.

Creating a will with liteWill is easy and intuitive. After registering your account, you can access our online will-maker to create a valid will within 15 minutes. After creating the will, you can download it and sign it in the presence of two witnesses. .

Witnesses are important to ensure that your will is valid and legally binding. They provide proof that you created the will on your own accord without coercion or manipulation. Witnesses must be above 18 years, be of sound mind, and not be named as a beneficiary in the will or married to a beneficiary. .

Yes, as soon as you sign your will in the presence of two witnesses, it is a valid legal document. liteWill was designed by internationally recognized lawyers, and we have ensured that each will created with our online will-maker is legally binding.

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